World Decor: A Trip Around The World With A 6×9 Area Rug

Traveling around the world has never stopped being on people’s bucket list, and one of the perfect ways to recreate your memory at home is a 6×9 area rug that will remind you of that nice time every time it tickles your toes. From West to East almost all cultures had a need for expression in the form of a textile covering for the floor, either for heat isolation or plan decor.

East or West, North or South – Define your Theme

$_35Unless you want to recreate the entire world in your home (which is fine, too!), you may want to pick out on a theme that will guide you through choosing your flooring patterns and designs for the 6×9 area rug. Frequent traveler to the Middle East? Or a South America aficionado? Your choice of a geographical or cultural aspect of the theme will help you also choose other materials and colors in the given room. Fiery red for the Turkish themed room, or the icy white and blue for that Scandinavian thought bedroom – the best way to color coordinate all this emotions is through first buying the area rug and then finding the best wall and furniture tones, but the vice versa way won’t leave you with no option, too. With so many different patterns and shapes to be found online, a mere few days of searching will surely bring you to favorite piece.

Fake or original – Just a matter of price

It’s not hard to find a version of even the most famous rugs, such as the oldest surviving Pazyryk carpet which is said to be as old as 5th century BC can be found in 6×9 area rug form online for a staggeringly low price. Most advisors in this area will always suggest shopping local, preferably from the manufacturer himself, but that is not always possible. Either the rug is too big to carry with you, or you still haven’t checked out the place off of your bucket list, it may be best to find online markets where local shops ship and sell worldwide. The shipping fee for a 6×9 area rug will not be as costly as having a cheap, fake rug soon fade in color or lose its quality quickly.

From Europe to China, rugs have been a form of expression that has taken a focal point of every home since ancient times. Seldom has a home in the cold Northern Europe gone without a decorative piece of textile floor cover gone by, let alone an oriental home without some 6×9 area rugs natural fiber that have even been used to cover the walls, such as those in Turkey or in other countries that have some Turkish influence. Treat your home with some unique style that will be the talking point of every party you throw or that will remind you of that awesome time you spent enjoying the modern and ancient Persian culture last year.

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