Custom Rug Fabric

When you visit any homeware store, you would always be able to find different types of rugs. They come in various colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Rugs have always been an essential part of the home. Its main purpose is to keep the area clean. However, these days more and more people use rugs as an accent piece. It’s a beautiful representation of the theme you’re trying to achieve in a specific space inside your house. They are functional and affordable which is why you would always find one in every home. Just like any other merchandise, rugs vary in price depending on their brand. For budget-savvy consumers, it’s not always an option to splurge on the most luxurious rugs. A great way to achieve the same look without splurging is to choose the right fabric which best suits your needs. If you’re really serious about perfecting your aesthetic in your home, you would need to use Custom Rug Fabric. Let’s discuss the best materials you can easily mix and match to achieve your desired look.

Best Materials for Custom Rug Fabric


Wool is the most commonly used material to make rugs. It is well loved by many because of its durability. It is an incredibly soft material which instantly adds a cozy feel to any room. One of its best features is its water repelling ability. In the same way, it’s also great at wicking stains. Wool rugs have superb insulating properties. When you step on one, it would give you a nice cozy feeling. Even though it is one of the best materials you can purchase, keep in mind that it doesn’t work well in damp places.


Although silk is more expensive than wool, most people would say it’s well worth it. Silk in itself has a very luxurious feel. When it is made into a rug, it makes it even more beautiful. It is popular for its lustrous and subtle sheen. It also feels wonderfully soft to the touch. Compared to wool, silk rugs are made with finer detailing. Because it is made of a delicate material, it would need regular professional cleaning to keep it in the best shape. Silk rugs could easily show footprints so they’re best used in bedrooms.


Cotton is usually used to create kilims and dhurries. Kilim is a flat woven rug or carpet. It originated in Kurdistan, Turkey, and other neighboring cities. On the other hand, dhurries are heavy cotton rugs which come from India. They are both very popular worldwide because of their superb quality. The best thing about using cotton to create your rug is its affordability. It’s generally less expensive compared to wool and silk. However, cotton rugs aren’t as durable.


The most common fibers which are man made are polypropylene, nylon, and viscose. Over the years, these fibers have continuously been improved to make them feel and look like natural fibers. The main reason why so many people love synthetic rugs is because they’re very easy to clean. They aren’t as sensitive as silk or wool so they work well even in damp environments. They are best used in outdoor settings, sunny areas and places with high traffic.

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