Saturday, October 15, 2011

Redouté: Adelaide d’Orleans Rose

This stipple engraving from Pierre-Joseph Redouté's Choix des plus belles Fleurs shows the Adelaide d’Orleans rose.

A few facts about Redouté

A few more facts about Redouté

A few facts about Choix des plus belles Fleurs
1. It contains 144 illustrations.
2. These are among the flowers Redouté thought most beautiful.
3. Redouté dedicated the work to the princesses, Louise and Marie d’Orléans, whom he taught. Marie d’Orléans became the first queen of Belgium.
4. The Choix was published in a series of 36 between 1827 and 1833.

A few facts about the Adelaide d’Orleans rose
1. It is a climber.
2. It is highly resistant to the rose disease of powdery mildew. If you're not a rose gardener, of course you don't care about this; rose gardeners care quite a lot.
3. Some describe its scent as barely detectable; others say it has a light primrose scent.
4. At the time of Redouté's illustration, the rose was relatively new. It was bred by Antoine A. Jacques and released in 1826.

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