Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pohl: Physocalyx aurantiacus

This image by Johann Baptist Emanuel Pohl shows a plant which he has labeled Physocalyx aurantiacus. It is a plant he observed in Brazil. The name seems to be associated only with him; I cannot find other references to it.

A few facts about Johann Baptist Emanuel Pohl (1782-1834)
1. After studying in Prague to become a physician, he worked in military hospitals.
2. He became interested in botany when he was young; his uncle was a keen amateur botanist.
3. In 1817 he was one of the people to travel with Maria Leopoldina of Austria for her marriage to Dom Pedro in Brazil.
4. He participated in the Austrian Brazil Expedition (1817-35; Pohl was present during 1817-21), initially as a geologist and later as botanist.
5. He collected more than 4000 plant specimens.


  1. Beautiful color in the inset. I also found a lovely flickr photo, but I couldn't paste the link without an error.

  2. Darn Blogger! I'll look around on flickr.

  3. Here's the link: Flickr photo, but it gives a weird Flickr error message that you can click on, to proceed to the photo. Feel free to delete the comment after checking out the photo.

  4. Wow! That's amazing! Thank you very much.