Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jan Moninckx: Sansevieria hyacinthoides

This illustration of Sansevieria hyacinthoides is by Dutch botanical artist Jan Moninckx (c. 1656-1724).

A few facts about Jan Moninckx
1. In the Moninckx Atlas (published in serial 1686-1709), he and his daughter Maria illustrated 420 plants.
2. The Atlas was commissioned by amateur botanist Joan Huydecoper van Maarsseveen II (1625-1704), who served as mayor and alderman in Amsterdam and also as administrator of the Dutch East India Company.
3. Although Moninckx's father was a clergyman, there was a strong tradition of painting in his family.
4. Browse the Atlas

A few facts about Sansevieria
1. The plant has a number of colloquial names, including mother-in-law's tongue and snake plant.
2. The plant was named to honor the Italian prince Raimondo di Sangro (1710–1771) of Prince of Sansevero. He was an inventor and scientist.
3. A colloquial name I know for this plant is cast iron plant, owing to its ability at least to survive, if not thrive, with minimal care.
4. The genus has its own international society.


  1. The collection is quite remarkable. Thanks for posting the link.