Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hon. William Herbert: Gaillardia aristata

This illustration of Gaillardia aristata by the Honorable William Herbert (1778-1845) appeared in Curtis's Botanical Magazine

A few facts about Curtis's Botanical Magazine

A few facts about the Honorable William Herbert
1. He was the third son of Henry Herbert, 1st Earl of Carnarvon.
2. Herbert was elected Member of Parliament for Hampshire in 1806 and for Cricklade in 1811.
3. For a time it appears that he practiced law, but after his 1812 retirement from Parliament, he changed direction and was ordained in 1814.
4. In additional to his ecclesiastical career, he hybridized plants. He was also a linguist and classical scholar.


  1. Beautiful illustration - I like this blog.

  2. I am still dreaming that in the near future I will be able to work on botanical drawing and illustration. These images always amaze me and are so peaceful and reflective.

  3. Ann, given your ability to make great photos, I will look forward to your botanical drawing and illustration. I'm sure it will be a treat.