Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carl Gottlob Rössig: Holoserica Duplex Rose

This illustration of the Holoserica Duplex Rose appeared in an 1802 German publication, Die Rosen by Carl Gottlob Rössig (1752-1806). The colored engravings are by Luise von Wangenheim. Rössig stated that his intention was to improve on inaccuracies in the 1799 work of Mary Lawrance.

A few facts about the Holoserica Duplex Rose
1. The rose is an old one, having been cultivated by 1600.
2. It blooms once each year for several weeks.
3. Another name for the rose is the Semi-Double Velvet Rose.
4. John Parkinson in his 1629 book, Paradisi in Sole: Paradisus Terrestris, wrote of the leaves that they are "of a sadder greene colour than in most sorts of Roses".

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