Monday, September 19, 2011

Alfred Parsons: Rosa damascena rubrotincta

Alfred Parsons (1847-1920) is the painter of the above rose, Rosa damascena rubrotincta. It appeared in Ellen Willmott's book The Genus Rosa, published in 1914. HelpMeFind notes that the rose is "[a]rmed with thorns / prickles." It is a hybrid, bred by the Lee nursery and available before 1829.

A few facts about Alfred Parsons
Right: self portrait
1. He was not only a botanical illustrator, but also an avid gardener.
2. He was president of the Society of Painters in Water Colour in 1905.
3. The Royal Academy exhibits his work.
4. In addition to his extensive works of landscape and botanical painting, he was the writer and illustrator of a book on Japan.
5. Of Parsons, in Picture and Text (1893) Henry James wrote that he:
"may be pointed to as one who has made the luxuriant and lovable things of his own country almost as "serious" as those familiar objects—the pasture and the poplar—which, even when infinitely repeated by the great school across the Channel, strike us as but meagre morsels of France."

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