Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pancrace Bessa: Tulips

From Herbier General de l'Amateur de Fleurs, a hand-colored engraving

A few facts about Pancrace Bessa

A few facts about tulips
1. The tulip is categorized in the lily (Liliaceae) family. Like other plants in the family, it has linear leaves.
2. Although tulips are perennial bulbs, some advise thinking of them as annuals. I tend to keep that in mind when deciding how much to spend on tulips each Fall.
3. Growth of tulips for commercial purposes began in the Ottoman Empire.
4. Variegated colors -- stripes on petals -- were at first the result of a virus carried by aphids. Now, variegated colors are produced by breeding, not disease.

And take a look at this lovely blog entry about tulip mania, which includes lovely photos of a fringed tulip not so different from the one illustrated here.


  1. Now that's a beauty. So were the tulips on the link, gail

  2. Beautiful drawing! I love learning about botanical art and artists from your blog.. something new and different for me! Thanks for referencing my Tulip-mania post, and glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I thought it was a cool synchronicity to run across your tulips, Lisa :)