Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mary Lawrance: Rosa centifolia

Hand colored engraving of Rosa centifolia in A Collection of Roses (1799) by Mary Lawrance, after her own drawing.

Some facts about Mary Lawrance.

Some facts about Rosa centifolia
1. Rosa centifolia means, literally, 100-leaved (or, in this case, petaled) rose.
2. Other names for the plant are Blush Provence Rose or Cabbage Rose.
3. Blooms are very fragrant. Flowers are grown commercially to produce rose oil.
4. The plants typically blooms only once in Spring or Summer, but in very temperate climates it may bloom in "flushes", i.e. multiple times, but not continuously.


  1. This looks amazingly like an old rose bush we have. I'm looking at our vase-ful now, and wondering if they're related. Would love to know the actual name of ours. Must count the petals, I guess!

  2. I think that would be a very meditative task!

  3. One question, Melissa. How many times does yours bloom each year?

  4. I love this engraving. I'm a big fan of old garden drawings.

  5. I appreciate the meaning of centifolia. It makes cents too:) Couldn't resist thinking about pennies. I'd love to smell it and it's interesting how commercial growers grow this one for rose oil.

  6. There are more centifolias than I ever imagined. And last week I rang across one so-called -- has only 11-15 petals, which left me rather bemused.