Monday, April 18, 2011

Clara Maria Pope: Anemones

This is an aquatint done for Samuel Curtis's The Beauties of Flora (1806-20).

A few facts about Clara Maria Pope (1768-1838)
1. She was both an artist and an artist's model.
2. She married Francis Wheatley, the artist who most frequently employed her. He painted the portrait at right.
3. At the age of only 28, she exhibited miniatures at the Royal Academy.
4. When she was 33, her husband died. She returned to modeling to support her three daughters, even as she continued to refine her skills as a painter.
5. The paintings she made for Samuel Curtis's Monograph on the Family Camellia are, for botanical illustrations, huge: the plates are 24x18 inches.


  1. I like this gal! Great detail on the petals too.

  2. Isn't she something? The antithesis of someone who just lay back and let life happen.