Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mara L. Pratt: Stories from Flower Land

Little Flower Folks or Stories from Flower Land for the Home and School by Mara L. Pratt was published in 1890. The illustrator's name is not given, but the title page includes these lines:

Flowers and stars teach grand lessons. The stars make darkness beautiful, and the flower turns naturally to the light.
The text accompanying the leaf illustration is:

Up through the centre of most leaves you will find a mid-rib; and branching out from it, then dividing and sub-dividing, the veins and veinlets.

Such a leaf as that is called netted-veined, because, as you see, the veins form a net-work.

Sometimes, however, you will find the mid-rib and the veins all running along side by side from one end of the leaf to the other -- parallel as the rails of the railroad track. Such leaves are called parallel-veined leaves.

At right is shown lily of the valley; here's extensive cultivation information, including information about how to force.

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