Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pancrace Bessa: marguerites and violets

This lovely picture of marguerites and violets was done by the French natural history artist, Pancrace Bessa. It was included in Charlotte de la Tour's 1819 book, Le Langage des Fleurs.

A few facts about Pancrace Bessa
1. Although Bessa sometimes painted birds and mammals, his favorite subjects were flowers and fruit.
2. Bessa was one of Redouté's few male students.
3. He regularly showed his work at Paris salons.
4. The Duchess of Berry, daughter-in-law of French King Charles X, was his patron; he became her drawing master in 1820.
5. Bessa was born in Paris in 1772, retired around 1830, and died in Ecouen in 1846.

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